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"The NSKK (Anglican/Episcopal Church of Japan) Youth Office"

In 1992, the NSKK Youth Assembly was held. One hundred members of the NSKK youth from all the dioceses of Japan gathered in Izu. The program was for four days and three nights. The main speaker was Munetoshi Maejima, General Secretary of NCC-J. The issues of the group meeting were worship, the history of NSKK, church music, discrimination, Asia, environmental disruption, the death penalty, church schools and children.

After this gathering, the Anglican Youth Network in Japan (AYN-J) was established in the Diocese of Kyoto, for NSKK youth solidarity at national level. The AYN-J held Youth Network Meeting and published Network News.

In 1996, the NSKK Youth Assembly was held again at Osaka YMCA Rokko Center. One hundred fifty young people gathered in Kobe. The main speaker was Fr. Hiroshi Kanda from Takatori Catholic Church. In 1995, strong earthquake shook the Hanshin-Awaji area and about 5000 people were killed. At the situation, the main issue of the Assembly was what the church should be in society. The issues of the group meeting were the earthquake & volunteers, worship, education at church, the death penalty, Okinawa, environmental disruption, Asia, sexuality, discrimination, church music, life and death in Christianity.

In 1997, AYN-J moved to the Nagoya Youth Center on a full-time basis. Now the AYN-J office's work is to publish NSKK Youth Network News twice a year, to promote the exchange of NSKK youth information at national level by providing an Internet Mailing List Service and a Youth Activity Material Postal Request Service, to exchange information at ecumenical and international level, and to hold the Facilitater Training program for youth. We think that the center of youth activity is in local church and local community. This office's task is supporting NSKK youth activity in all parts of Japan through networking. Most of our office's funding is from the NSKK General Synod through the NSKK Provincial Youth Supporting Committee.

Taro Aihara

Secretary of Anglican Youth Network in Japan

Anglican Youth Network in Japan

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