India and Japan have signed a civil nuclear agreement

Original Japanese written by Toshiaki Ozeki, member of the No Nuke Project’s Committee

The English below written and arranged by Heeday, based on the original Japanese

The English edited by Rev. Dr. Henry French, ELCA

Below: Article from the November 12th, 2016 edition of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper

Prime Ministers Modi of India and Abe of Japan, on November 11th, agreed to and signed a civil nuclear agreement which will enable the export of nuclear power plants from Japan to India. Japan has experienced the devastation nuclear energy can cause, and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster has yet to be controlled. India, an owner of nuclear weapons, has yet to join in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Thus, many are asking serious questions about the agreement. Though the deal provides that, in the event India resumes nuclear weapon tests, Japan can cease cooperation with India, this agreement, in its essence, is an arrangement for Japan’s nuclear power plant builders/providers to secure a good market. Thus, PM Abe’s remark that his nation is going for “a world without nuclear weapons” now sounds empty.