Kids of St. Paul’s Kindergarten having fun in the snow

Original Japanese written by Izumi Koshiyama, No Nuke Project

The English below written and arranged by Heeday, based on the original Japanese

The English edited by Rev. Dr. Henry French, ELCA


On Friday, February 10th, St. Paul’s Kindergarten had another outing. A large bus took the kids and teachers to “Family Snow Park Bandai x 2,” a park for nature exploration and athletic activities located in the town of Inawashiro, Fukushima.

This Friday was blessed with a fresh snow fall. The kids’ homes are in Koriyama, where it had snowed some before they got on the bus. When they got off the bus at the park, they were surprised by the very heavy snow cover. However, tons of snow could not discourage them from walking to the slope with vigor and joy!



“Wow, the slope is almost here!” The kids dashed through the glorious white.



Some tried sitting on the snow, while others tried lying down on it, but the snow was so cold some started crying.



“This is not sand.” “Wanna make a cake of snow?” Time stopped for them as they played in the snow.



“All I see is snow, snow, and more snow; how could there be more snow?”


The kids were told to “Use your feet as the brake to stop the snow sled,” but for this kid the brake did not work well, and a teacher down the slope had to catch the kid.


Rev. Naoto Iwasa and Ms. Minako Sakihara, a teacher, who came all the way from subtropical Okinawa, joined the snow fun tour to help the teachers. The two were shocked to see how deep the snow cover was. The kids wrote, and gave them, letters of thanks.