Welcome to the NSKK Diocese of Tokyo!

Welcome to the NSKK Diocese of Tokyo!

The Diocese of Tokyo is one of eleven dioceses in the Nippon Sei Ko Kai ("The Holy Church of Japan", as the Anglican/Episcopal Church in Japan).

NSKK was formally established in February 11, 1923, although the Anglican/Episcopal mission footstep goes back in May 1859 when Bishop Channing Moore Williams and Rev. John Liggins from Episcopal Church missionaries had arrived in Nagasaki; Rev. Alexander Croft Shaw and Rev. William Ball Wright had arrived from England as SPG missionaries in 1873 and, John Piper as a CMS missionary in 1874.
There are thirty three churches and five chapels in the Diocese of Tokyo, many dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century when Christianity was re-introduced to Japan after many years of official persecution.

Tokyo, as the metropolitan and diversified city, there is comprised of Christians of all nationalities, long-term or mid-term residents and visitors. In our diocese, there is an English-speaking congregation that of St. Alban's Church, which is situated next door to the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew's in the Diocese compound right on the foot of Tokyo Tower.

The work of the Diocese is both lively and broad.
The Diocese of Tokyo is actively concerned with the problems confronting those of Korean ancestry living in Japan, and the Asian community in greater Tokyo area, also the growing population of children between Japanese and non-Japanese parents. We also stay connected and actively support the victims of Tohoku Earthquake and nuclear disaster and post-earthquake issues. 

Although the most populous of the NSKK Dioceses, the Diocese of Tokyo is a close-knit community of Christians. It is very welcoming community, the Diocese of Tokyo is serving as a home church for the people away from home, as a part of the NSKK and of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

We look forward to your visit at St. Alban’s Church or any Japanese churches near your home.